Jess Hewitt

Jess Hewitt

I am an artist and developer. I'm co-founder of Generative Toys, and am currently working on generative art, and tools and workflows to create it.



I work mainly with abstract digital art. I love generative, AI-assisted and glitch art. I'm inspired by the psychedelic, surreal, and playful.

Recent Works

Boundary Issues

Boundary Issues is a long-form project, released June of 2023 on Alba as part of the Flatlands group show.

See the project writeup for more information about this series.

Boundary Issues


Oddball is a short long-form (32 editions) project for fxhash, created for Genuary 32nd. It's an expansion of the piece I created for day 7 of Genuary 2023. The prompt: Sample a color palette from your favorite movie/album cover. All seven palettes were sampled from the album cover for Insolito by Tipper. The project title is a play on insolito meaning "unusual" and the featured bubble-like cellular noise.


Divergent Convergence

Divergent Convergence is a long-form project for fxhash - compositions of shapes and noise, order and chaos. Where does order end and chaos begin?

Check out the project writeup for more information!

Divergent Convergence

Divergent Convergence #20 and #43 were exhibited at State of the Art, presented by Tezos and fxhash and curated by Tender at Paris+ par Art Basel, October 2022. (Photo: 3MA)

Divergent Convergence #20 at State of the Art

Haywire Café

Haywire Café is a long-form series for Art Blocks Factory. Inspired by classic mid century cartoons, the project combines distorted patterns with dramatic shadows to create a surreal, nostalgic vibe. Check out the project writeup for information about the inspiration and process for this series.

Haywire Cafe #94

Haywire Café #94 and #117 were displayed on a three-story screen at Samsung 837 for NFT NYC, June 2022. (Photo: Art Blocks)

Haywire Cafe #117 at NFT NYC

The Haze Series

The Haze series is a whimsical take on surreal, dreamy skies. Refracted sine waves suggest the reflection of stylized clouds in a hazy sunset.

Haze 7 - Revolution

The Fragmentation and Corruption Series

Fragmentation and Corruption are sister series imagining digital life, with all of its unpredictable colorful glitches.

Construction Function Sector Wipe Glitch

Function, Progression, and Indirection from the Fragmentation series were showcased by thefunnyguys at NFT Show Europe in Valencia, September 2022. (Video: thefunnyguys)

Older Works

Not Raving but Drowning Galactic Cell Illusion Bubbluminati Pulse Disintegration

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Other Projects


Noisedeck is a generative art tool comprised of interchangeable modules for noise generation, blending, and post processing. It's a progressive web app using WebGL, written in Javascript and GLSL.


I Ching

Simple I Ching is a progressive web app for the I Ching. It contains a reference for the 64 hexagrams using the Wilhelm-Baynes translation, and can perform readings using the three coin method. It uses a simple single page application framework written in vanilla Javascript. GitHub



Zigfrak was a space-based action RPG made with Unity, and sold through Steam and other storefronts.


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